Wade Fishing Trips

We are excited to offer guided wade fishing trips in St. Joe Bay for the 2022 season! This is a great way to experience inshore fishing in an up-close and personal way. We understand not everyone has access to a boat, but anyone can enjoy a day wading through the shallow flats and still be just as successful. 


The target species mainly include speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. There are many other fish that we will likely catch which include: ladyfish, bluefish, small sharks, mackerel,  Atlantic croaker the list goes on and on!! We typically fish with live bait because this helps with catching a wider variety of fish, but if you prefer to use artificial, they will be provided as well.

We provide all the fishing equipment, just show up ready to fish!  Every angler 16+ must have a Florida saltwater fishing license.  You must be able to walk at least 100 yards through knee deep water. You will need to bring some type of wading shoes. Wading boots, dive booties, Chacos, or old tennis shoes will be fine. Other things you may like to have while fishing include polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, and a towel for after the trip. 


Three hour trip is  $200 for 1-2 people and  an additional $50 for each person after that with a maximum of 5 people. Fish cleaning is included in the price of the trip.                                                  **Contact: 251-769-9024**