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4WD Beach Tours    $40 per hour (1-4 people)


Whether you simply want to take a laid back drive on the beach to find an untouched shelling spot, check out the abundant spcies of wildlife, or are trying to add a couple bird species to your life list, we can accommodate you--don't pay for a $300 BEACH DRIVING PERMIT!  Pile in the truck to see , Ospreys, Brown Pelicans, Black Skimmers, Bald Eagles, , swarms of pelicans/terns/gulls, and the list goes on.  You truly never know what you will see along these undeveloped stretches of beach. We've seen a pod of 30 dolphins nearly beach themselves while chasing bait, sharks feeding in a foot of water, and big schools of stingrays crusing the shallow waters. 



Guided Nature Hikes   $50 per hour (1-6 people)


Go off the beaten path and explore the scrub pine forests and marshes on Cape San Blas. Over 240 species of bird species have been spotted here and the area also has Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Pygymy Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths, bobcats, and black bears! You never know what you will discover once you venture off the main road, definitely bring your camera and sense of adventure. 






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