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What's provided? 

All bait, ice, tackle, and firewood. 

Will we catch a shark?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. However our guides work hard to acquire and use  the best baits for tempting a shark to bite. 

What do I need to bring?   

Any food or drinks, sunglasses, sunblock, and a sweatshirt or jacket for night fishing. Anyone over 16 who feels up to fighting a shark has to have a Florida recreational saltwater fishing license. A 7 day or yearly license can be purchased at any tackle shop, the tax collector office in Port St. Joe or online here:


Can I keep a shark to eat? 

Most of the sharks we catch are over six feet and not the best table fare. We are catch and release only. There are a lot better tasting fish in the surf. Sharks reproduce very slowly compared to other fish. The sharks are very quickly unhooked and tagged as part of NOAA's Cooperative Apex Predator program and released.


Isn't shark fishing dangerous to swimmers? 

If you have been swimming in the Gulf during the summer, you've likely been within 100 yards of a shark. The saltwater is their home, they are patrolling the beaches  if there are people fishing or not.   Unless you are swimming with chunks of fresh bloody fish in your pockets, you have nothing to worry about it. The majority of our fishing is done after dark and on isolated beaches and NO CHUM is ever used. 


What are the tags for?

All sharks over five feet will be tagged for NOAA's Apex Predator Program. A numbered tag is placed at the base of the shark's dorsal fin. Your contact information (along with info. about your catch) is mailed to NOAA--if/when the shark is caught again, you receive the updated information on where the shark has traveled and growth information (along with a pretty cool hat). 


Should I tip?

Tips are customary, and are always appreciated. However they are NEVER expected. It is up to your discretion to determine how hard we worked to ensure a memorable trip. 15% - 20% is common.


                 Click below for more tagging info!

Shark tagging
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